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Fishing Reports

Tuna Fishing Report – Coos Bay

Tuna have moved 60+ miles offshore with limited catches.  Pacific Charter will not be doing any more trips this year, and converted our tuna customers to nearshore lingcod or salmon trips.  It’s been a poor year for tuna.  

Fish Report – Pacific Charter Services – Coos Bay

We had another great day on the ocean today, limited the entire boat on rockfish and a couple Lingcod and caught another big Octopus over 60 pounds. Variety for today was good again, Canary, Vermillion, Deacon, Kelp Greenling, Tiger, Rosethorn, Yellowtail, Quillback and China rockfish.

Fish Report – Pacific Charter Services, Coos Bay

We had a terrific day on the ocean today, I made one stop and limited the entire boat on rockfish, caught a huge Octopus and then pulled the crab pots and got a mountain of nice ocean crab. The variety today was Vermillion, Deacon, Kelp Greenling, Canary, Rosethorn, Tiger rockfish, Lingcod and a couple of great […]

Salmon Fish Report – Pacific Charter Services – Coos Bay

The Chinook are in Charleston, 3 takedowns and got a nice one. Lots of fish but a tough bite

Fish Report – Pacific Charter Services – Coos Bay

The last couple of days have been a lot of fun, we have caught Salmon, a boat full of nice rockfish and a bunch of big Lingcod. Really great customers make our days terrific.

Fish Report – Pacific Charter Services – Coos Bay

Got limits of rockfish and some crab before the wind picked up and roughed the ocean up again. We had another great bunch of people today and had a lot of fun and laughs. Caught a really big Cabezon and made this young ladies day.

Fish Report – Smacking Down the Fish

Really fun day with some really great guys today and we put the smack down on the fish. We limited the boat out on rockfish and Lingcod and caught a really good grade of fish. Ken won the pot for biggest fish today with a 20 plus pound Lingcod. Looking forward to seeing you guys again […]

Fish Report – Fun Day, Giant Canary

We had another 2 trip day, the morning trip was an extremely slow bite and the afternoon trip was a wide open bite. Customer this afternoon caught the biggest Canary rockfish I have ever seen. It was a fun day and now I am tired.    

Fish Report – Rough Bar, Boat Limits

Started out this morning with a rough bar and ocean so we got it done in the bay, afternoon trip the ocean was great and we went to deep water and limited the boat again. Great day with great customers and friends. Caught a beautiful Tiger rockfish and another great Quillback

Fish Report – 42 Rockfish & 12 Lingcod, Great Day

Today started out good and got even better we had the entire boat limited out on rockfish before 8 o’clock and the Lingcod bite was very good today and we limited the boat out on them also. 42 rockfish and 12 Lingcod and the size was really good with some big Vermillion, Coppers and Quillback. […]