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Fishing Reports

Coos Bay Fish Report – Big Lings Before the Storm

We got out today before the storm hits, had another amazing day. We got 6 limits of Lingcod and rockfish added 2 limits of ocean crab. We saw 4 whales and over 100 dolphins. It was a terrific day on the ocean today.   Be Amazed When it’s time to plan your vacation, weekend getaway, […]

Coos Bay Fish Report – Break in Weather Makes Great Fishing Possible Again

Finally got some nice weather and we got out on the ocean. The fish were snapping up everything, we got 7 limits of Lingcod and 7 limits of rockfish and a big pile of crab to top it off. Looks like the ocean is going to play nice, give us a call and we will […]

Fish Report: Lingcod Fishing is Hot in Coos Bay and Charleston, Oregon

The 2018 ocean fishing season in Coos Bay, Oregon has started off with a BANG at Pacific Charter Services! The Deep-Water Lingcod trips, also called “Trophy Lingcod” are seeing “Limits after limits”, which seems to be the mantra at Pacific Charter Services in Charleston, Oregon. Master Captain Curt Shoults who runs the Charter operations said: […]

Fish Report Coos Bay – Catching 3 lingcod at a time makes it even more fun!

Pacific Charter Services had another terrific day on the ocean, the Lingcod bite was so good we were pulling them up 3 at a time. We limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish and another big pile of ocean crab. It looks like the ocean will be good from Wednesday through the weekend so give […]

Fish Report Coos Bay – Deep Water Lingcod & Crabbing

We had another terrific day on the ocean today the Lingcod bite was off the scale good. Limits of Lingcod for everyone and a pile of ocean crab. My guys today were a blast to have on the boat. The weather was supposed to be crappy and it turned out to be good enough to […]

Lingcod Fishing 2018 Starts with a Bang

This year we waited until February to begin our season, and our first trip was a KILLER.  Captain Curt put about 100 lings in the boat in just a few hours.  Our customers experienced epic fishing, and sometimes having 6 lings on at the same time.   “It was an amazing start to our season, […]

Lingcod Fishing Report Sept 16, 2017

Today was another great day on the ocean we limited the boat out on rockfish and Lingcod with a really nice grade of rockfish, big Canary, Copper rockfish and Yellowtail. Tomorrow is the last day I will be able to fish for rockfish and Lingcod and I will be looking forward to fishing for Salmon if […]

Salmon & Crab Fish Report on the Coos River

We had another fun day, we had a hard time keeping them buttoned up but we did get 3 of the 7 we had hooked up and we got another 5 limits of crab to go with the fish

Salmon Fishing Report – Coos River

We had a pretty good morning trip we hooked 6 and got 2 nice ones. The lady in the picture caught her first ever Salmon and was pretty excited about all the fun. She plans on a delicious dinner tonight Nothing better than catching someone their first Salmon.

Catch of the Day Sept 17th Fish Report

Well, today was my last day to catch rockfish and Lingcod for the year, ODFW closed my season so we ended with a bang. We caught 8 limits of rockfish and some great Lingcod and then went and limited on really nice ocean crab. It was a great day but kind of sad knowing that […]