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Fishing Reports

Fish Report Coos Bay – Limits of Lings & Rockfish

We had a bay trip yesterday morning and limited the boat out on rockfish, Blacks, Blues and Coppers. Then we went back to the ocean for an afternoon trip and limited the boat with Lingcod and a big variety of rockfish including some nice Vermillion and Copper rockfish. We released 2 Halibut that were both […]

Fish Report – Lingcod & Rockfish Trips Still Hot

We had another terrific day on the ocean today, the calm before the storm. Full limits of Lingcod and rockfish for the entire boat. We had a good variety of rockfish Canary, Vermilion, Quillback, Blues, Deacon, Black, Kelp Greenling, Copper, Yellow tail and we even descended 2 really nice Yelloweyes.

Fish Report – Limits of Lingcod & Rockfish Today.

Pacific Charter Services had another terrific day on the ocean, today’s customers were ripping on the Lingcod and rockfish one after another. Full limit of Lingcod and rockfish and 3 limits of ocean crab. Big Lingcod was a 20 pounder and got some great Coppers and a jumbo Vermillion rockfish.  

Limits of Ocean Crab Great Today out of Charleston

Second trip today was a crabbing trip and we got our customers there limits of nice ocean crab.


Bottom Fishing When the weather allows, fishing during the winter and spring months for lingcod and rockfish can be fun and successful. Last week there were several reports of blue or green-colored lingcod being caught along the central coast. These blue or green-colored lingcod, sometimes called “Smurf lingcod” are safe to eat, the flesh turns […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Crushed the Lingcod

We had a great day on the ocean , morning trip we limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish and the afternoon we limited the boat again. Morning trip we also got a nice octopus and some crab. Then on the afternoon trip we got the big Lingcod for the day a 26 pounder and […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Full Boat Limits

Awesome day on the ocean yesterday, we limited the boat on the morning trip and the afternoon trip Lingcod and rockfish and 2 totes of crab. The customers yesterday were a lot of fun to have on the boat we had a blast. Building memories and friends. The big Lingcod yesterday was a 26 pounder […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Deep Water Lingcod Limits

Went to the coast with my better half and the new pup, and decided since my new motor isn’t in my boat, I’d take charter out of Coos Bay … my first charter trip on the oregon coast. Big thanks to Pacific Charter Services and captain Curt Shoults, the trip exceeded my expectations! Limited 8 […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Terrific Day…Again

We had another terrific day on the big pond, Lingcod, Copper, Vermillion, Canary , Yellowtail, Quillback. The size of the Copper rockfish and Vermillion was really nice.