63357 Boat Bason Road, Charleston, OR 97420

Fish Report Coos Bay – Catching 3 lingcod at a time makes it even more fun!

Pacific Charter Services had another terrific day on the ocean, the Lingcod bite was so good we were pulling them up 3 at a time. We limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish and another big pile of ocean crab. It looks like the ocean will be good from Wednesday through the weekend so give us a call and we will get you in on this fun 541-378-30 40.



Plan Your Trip Now!  When it’s time to plan your vacation, weekend getaway, or a great day of fun, you should try deep sea fishing with Pacific Charter Services in Charleston, Oregon. The 2018 fishing season has started off with a bang, and customers are returning to the dock with limits of giant lingcod, rockfish, and large tasty Dungeness Crab.

The Deep-Water Lingcod & Rockfish charter is Pacific Charter Service’s signature trip. There is no better fishing charter of the Oregon Coast, and customers have been 100% satisfied year after year fishing with us. We know people want to catch lots of big fish, have a great memorable experience, and leave at the end of the day feeling as though they made new friends. That’s what it’s all about!

Pacific Charter Services offers a unique 6-pack charter service, which means no more than six customers at a time, and two crew. Customers can enjoy personalized service without the crowded environment. We provide all the bait & tackle and customers just need to bring a fishing license, and even a small cooler if they wish. All charters start with a fresh cup of coffee at check-in at our charter office, and then a short walk to board our boat. Travel time is about 30 minutes once we leave the dock to arrive at our fishing destination, which is about 8 miles South of the jetty. Captain Curt will provide all the help and coaching needed to ensure you have a successful fishing trip.

More about Charleston, Oregon
Charleston is a unique fishing village with lots of recreational activities, great scenery, and friendly merchants. There is a lot to choose from here, and visitors can enjoy the best restaurants, fish markets, tackle shops, and fishing on the Oregon Coast.

There is nothing like a stroll on the beach, a fresh shrimp cocktail, a glass of chilled chardonnay, or simply watching an amazing sunset at the end of relaxing day. It’s all here in Charleston, and with enough diversity and activities to satisfy anyone’s idea of a great time!