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Fishing Reports

Fish Report – Fun Day, Giant Canary

We had another 2 trip day, the morning trip was an extremely slow bite and the afternoon trip was a wide open bite. Customer this afternoon caught the biggest Canary rockfish I have ever seen. It was a fun day and now I am tired.    

Fish Report – Rough Bar, Boat Limits

Started out this morning with a rough bar and ocean so we got it done in the bay, afternoon trip the ocean was great and we went to deep water and limited the boat again. Great day with great customers and friends. Caught a beautiful Tiger rockfish and another great Quillback

Fish Report – 42 Rockfish & 12 Lingcod, Great Day

Today started out good and got even better we had the entire boat limited out on rockfish before 8 o’clock and the Lingcod bite was very good today and we limited the boat out on them also. 42 rockfish and 12 Lingcod and the size was really good with some big Vermillion, Coppers and Quillback. […]

Fish Report – 8 Limits Today

Started out a little slow this morning and ended up being bangin good 56 rockfish (8 limits) nice size on the Canary and Copper rockfish, 7 Lingcod and 3 limts of nice ocean crab. Thank you Mark and Ken for going out with us again, looking forward to seeing you guys again for Tuna and […]

Fish Report – Rough Start, Great Finish, Loads of Rockfish

Started out this morning looking pretty bad, they had the bar crossing restricted to all vessels, my customers were understanding and waited for them to lift the restrictions and it played off for sure. We limited the boat out on rockfish and a couple Lingcod and limits of ocean crab in no time at all. […]

Fish Report – Pile of fish and Crab Today

We got out early this morning and filled the boat full of fish and got a pile of crab for our customers before the wind picked up and roughed the ocean up again. Our guys today were a lot of fun and will be eating really good for a while. They were catching them 3 […]

Fish Report – 25LB Lingcod & 60LB Halibut

We had a great day on a flat ocean today and the bite was good also. We limited the boat on rockfish and a pile of Lingcod. The big Lingcod for the day was a 25 pounder and was caught by Rick , we had some big Copper rocks, Quillback and Canaries and Mike landed […]

Fishing Report – Great Day and Great Bite Rockfishing Today

Great day of fishing today the rockfish bite today was extremely good, extra nice size today. The Lingcod bite today was the slowest we have had all year, not sure why the bite was off. We were 2 short of a limit, but made up for it with the rockfish. Thank you Tom, Dennis, Greg, […]

Fish Report Coos Bay – 22LB Lingcod

Smooth flat ocean today, we limited the boat on Lingcod with some really nice ones and limited on rockfish also, great size on the rockfish today . Lyric the young lady in the picture had the big Lingcod for the day a 22 pounder. Great customers and a great day. Thank you Jerry and Mike.

Fish Report – Beautiful Day, Limits of Fish & Crab

Beautiful day on the ocean today the Lingcod bite started out slow but got better and we limited the boat. Lots of big Cabezon today that we released some really big Yellow Eyes we descended. Caught some big Vermillion, Coppers and Canary rockfish and 60 ocean crab. Our guys today were huge fun to have […]