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Fishing Reports

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Crushed the Lingcod

We had a great day on the ocean , morning trip we limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish and the afternoon we limited the boat again. Morning trip we also got a nice octopus and some crab. Then on the afternoon trip we got the big Lingcod for the day a 26 pounder and […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Full Boat Limits

Awesome day on the ocean yesterday, we limited the boat on the morning trip and the afternoon trip Lingcod and rockfish and 2 totes of crab. The customers yesterday were a lot of fun to have on the boat we had a blast. Building memories and friends. The big Lingcod yesterday was a 26 pounder […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Deep Water Lingcod Limits

Went to the coast with my better half and the new pup, and decided since my new motor isn’t in my boat, I’d take charter out of Coos Bay … my first charter trip on the oregon coast. Big thanks to Pacific Charter Services and captain Curt Shoults, the trip exceeded my expectations! Limited 8 […]

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Terrific Day…Again

We had another terrific day on the big pond, Lingcod, Copper, Vermillion, Canary , Yellowtail, Quillback. The size of the Copper rockfish and Vermillion was really nice.  

Fish Report – Coos Bay – Ton of lingcod & rockfish

We had another fun filled day on the ocean today. We got 16 nice Lingcod and a full limit of rockfish. Got some great green lingcod, a Tiger rockfish, Copper rock, Canary, Vermilion, and a good grade of Black’s. It was a terrific day with return customers, everyone left very happy . Give us a […]

April Crabbing Report

April is starting off well, and have had several great crabbing trips. Our last trip we took a family out for crabbing and loaded the boat with 53 crab. Limits for the family and some for us.  We have the hot spots located for nice size dungeness crab.  

Slaying Lingcod today

​Crazy day today fishing for lingcod and rockfish.  Caught over 40 lings plus limits on nice size rockfish.  Top ling of the day was over 40lbs and 40 inches long.  All this in about 3 hours, and by then customers were worn out so we called it a day.   

Lingcod & Rockfish Limits Keep Coming

We had another great day fishing for lingcod & rockfish on Sunday, March 12th.  Started about 8am with boat limits by 10:30am.  Crabbing has picked up and we tested a few new spots with good results.  The ocean started off a bit choppy but settled down shortly after we started fishing.  We were about 10-12 […]

New Pipe Jig Design for Deepwater Lingcod

Captain Curt has a new pipe jig design that we plan to beta test on our next trip.  The new design should provide more action with fewer hangups on rocks.   Simple changes can make a difference, but so far we’ve limited out 100% this year and every trip with the old design.  Let’s see […]