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Deep Sea Charter FishingTrophy Lingcode and Rockfish

BEST Deep Sea Charter Fishing in Coos Bay and Charleston, Oregon offering exclusive daily trips for the entire family. If you are planning to go fishing in Coos Bay, Oregon and are looking for a great adventure, you have come to the right place. Say goodbye to the “party boat” experience, and hello to “personalized” (6-pack) guided fishing adventure. Our guided trips are a maximum of 6 people. Which means: no crowds, more fun, new boat, heated cabin, personal service, more fish, bigger fish, and a great time you’ll never forget.

Deep sea fishing in Coos Bay is fantastic for rock fishing and catching giant lingcod (sometimes call bottom fishing). We fish in deeper water in order to find the giant lingcod and rockfish.  This is no run of the mill fishing trip.  We hunt and find the biggest lings and rockfish possible.  We love to fish and know our customers come to us for the ultimate fishing experience.  We plan to deliver! 

Captain Curt Shoults (Master 100 Ton Captain) and fishing guide is the best in the business with over 45 years-experience fishing the Southern Oregon Coast. It all starts by checking in at our office 30 minutes prior to departure in our customer reception area, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and reviewing your upcoming charter activities. While on-board he will deliver best-in- class guide service, friendly hospitality, safety, and fun!

Pacific Charter Services will provide all the rods, reels, tackle, and bait needed for your fishing trip. We suggest you dress in layers and be prepared for all kinds of weather, and our cabin is fully heated to ensure your added comfort.

Feel free to bring a small ice chest with snacks and drinks.

You must have a fishing license for all trips, and is not included. A shell fish license must also be purchased for crabbing. Please obtain your fishing license in advance.

  • Deep Water Lingcod Rock Fish Charters (Rated #1 Charter)
  • Salmon Charters (ocean, bay, river trips)
  • Ocean Crabbing Charters

More Reviews!

“The entire staff are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and just great to be around. From the moment you walk in the door you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. The whole trip was a blast, and we caught a bunch of nice fish. There was hardly any down time like I’ve experienced with other charters. If the fish aren’t there, you move to find them. We left very pleased with our experience, and will be booking another charter soon.”
-Allen Allen

“Great experience! We had such a wonderful time! Owners/crew were on point and welcoming and courteous and whole lot of fun! We limited out and took home a haul! Highly recommend these guys!”
-Brandi McClary

“WOW!!! What an awesome day! Crew was outstanding and very fun! Caught our limits of ling cod and then the crabs were icing on the cake! We watched as other outfitters didn’t catch hardly anything and we all limited out! Looking forward to coming back soon!!!!! What an experience! The jig which Captain Curt makes are the bomb!! It hits the bottom and the ling bite. Caring, friendliness and a load of fun and laughs! We will be back!”
-Rachel Howell

“Had a fantastic albacore trip with this crew! Amazing fish knowledge and just great guys! I recommend them if you want a safe, fun, and value for the money. We will go again and soon.”
-Lynda Kristoffersen

“What a great time and experience! Super hosts! Crabs were amazing and a blast getting them!”
-Jack Edwards III

Our office is located at 6357 Boat Basin Road, Charleston, OR 97420. Call to Book Now 541-378-3040!