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Coos Bay Fishing Report, July 2018

Deep Water Lingcod & Rockfish – 

Once the wind settled down it’s been “game-on” for the lingcod and rockfish. We’re fishing in deeper water which yields larger rockfish as seen in our photos below. Captain Curt Shoults does a great job of finding the lunkers and keeping customer in the fish. No doubt he is the “king of lings” around Charleston.

Charter fishing in Coos Bay the month of July was a tough one due to high winds kicking up large wind waves, which resulted in several cancellations. The hot weather in the valley mixing with the cool air on the coast caused the high winds. All Coos Bay fishing charters were faced with the same issue, but things have settled down and we’re back at it with boat limits and happy customers.   

Crabbing in Charleston, Oregon
Crabbing in Charleston Oregon has been a bit slow in due to molting season, which results in softer shells and less meat in the crab. Crabs literally crawl out of their shells (molting). Crabs grow, but their hard shells don’t, so when their shells become too small they crawl out of the existing shell with a new soft shell in place that will expand, harden, and become larger than the one they crawled out of. That’s why people find empty crab shells on the beach, and these are often the molts left behind by a growing crab

Coos Bay Fishing Report, July 2018


July 30, 2018
Another fun day on the ocean, one of our customers today was from Scotland. Nice Vermillion, Tigers and Deacon rockfish and some dandy Lingcod

July 29, 2018
Really fast trip this morning, one of my quickest ever. We limited 6 people in just 28 minutes. Full limits of Lingcod and rockfish, good variety today we caught Tiger, Vermillion, Yellowtail, Rosethorn, Canary, China, Quillback and Deacon rockfish.

July 28, 2018
Morning Lingcod & Rockfish Trip: We limited on Lingcod and rockfish this morning and got a totem full of crab to go with the fish nice Vermillion and Tiger rockfish
Afternoon trip was a huge success, we limited on Lingcod and rockfish for the boat and everyone had a blast. Caught a nice Cabezon and 2 nice Quillbacks.

July 26, 2018
We filled the boat with limits of Lingcod and rockfish this morning for our family from Las Vegas, it was a lot of fun and we finished up in just over an hour.

July 9, 2018
Morning trip was a winner, we limited the entire boat on Lingcod and rockfish and got a big Octopus
We caught a monster Lingcod this afternoon, 42 1/2 inches long and almost 35 pounds. We limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish with some really nice Vermillion, Canary and Deacon rockfish. Suzie Bean all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah caught the big Ling.