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Fishing Report March 2021

Hello All,

Our 2021 season has started off great, outside of ocean conditions getting in the way several times and needing to cancel trips, the limits have been really nice.  We’ve limited every trip so far this year, and that includes crabbing, lingcod, and rockfish.  The crabs are nice, hard shells, loaded with meat, and large.  The lings have been good size, and sometimes we have to hunt for them, but its worth, and our customers appreciate it.  

Captain Curt is back and ready to go, and we’re sticking to our Deep Water Lingcod & Rockfish trips as our core trip.  That trip pays off big for customers of all ages, experience levels, and its the funniest trip hands-down. 

We look forward to seeing our loyal repeat customers again this year, and let’s make the most of 2021.